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 PASSING BELLS - comp. EP [passing bells]1.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: manifesto jukebox, sharpeville, diaspora, wasted, unkind & hero dishonest---
 POINTS.//.LINES - comp. 10-IN [irrk]2.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: boxed in, voestek, claque, kort process, wet dog, bare, knees, etc.---
 POSTCARDS FROM THE HEARTLAND - comp. CD [firewalk with me]6.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: yage, koufax, pale, the last forty seconds, division of laura lee, nikad, jeff caudill, kettcar, wedekind, etc.---
 PROTOTYPE - comp. EP [clean plate]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: ulcer, apartment 213, laceration, unsettled, default & disdain---
 RESISTANCE - comp. CD [maloka]8.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: kochise, igor agar, 20 minutes de chaos, protex blue, brigada flores magon, etc.---
 RESISTANCE IS FUTILE - comp. EP [hammerwerk]1.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: stalingrad, grievance, konstruct & no comply---
 SEKEC MAZEC 3 - comp. EP [beer is not drink]3.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: see you in hell, lycanthrophy, space to being, nesoucast stroje & lahar---
 SOLIDARITY - comp. CD [dead alive]6.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: submission hold, the judas iscariot, kill the man who questions, react, aus-rotten, diskonto, devoid of faith, dead nation, etc.---
 STRICTLY BALLROOM - comp. EP [caught offside]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: hard to swallow, wat tyler, suffer, voorhees, des man deablo, marker & underclass---
 THE BRAVE DO NOT FEAR THE GRAVE - comp. EP [grave romance / alveran]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: reversal of man, thoughts of ionesco, hybris & deamon's jaded passion---
 THE BRYCC HOUSE BENEFIT - comp. CD [thrown brick]1.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: chumbawamba, submission hold, harum-scarum, national acrobat, noam chomsky, kung fu rick, etc.---
 THE GREAT AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT? - comp. EP [hit the ground running]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: dropdead, reversal of man, racetraitor, etc.---
 THE KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL - comp. EP [swarm]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: zanussi, uziel, rain still falling & actitud de rechazo---
 THREE PARTS OF INTENSE EMOTION - comp. EP [blackwood]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: linsay, deamon's jaded passion & springwater---
 TUFÀGNE - comp. TAPE [upwind]4.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: grand terminal, cavalcades, oaks, supine, pastel, etc.---
 U.P.S. THE RECORD - comp. EP [u.p.s.]1.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: sin dios, boycot, point of few, pcp, dekadent & vision of war---
 UND KEINER WEINT UNS NACH - comp. EP [hammerwerk]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: fall time, kathecore, manface & konstrukt---
 VI LÄR AV HISTORIEN - comp. LP [undislessed]7.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: autoritar, martyrdod, abductee s.d., debris, human bastards, project hopeless, dread 101, etc. (benefit for the swedish anti-fascist movement)---
 VOICES - comp. 2xEP [panx]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: summer day in june, sickness, disbeer & viral youth---
 WE COME IN PEACE - comp EP [halvfabrikat]3.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: protestera, diskonto, personkrets 3:1, ensam, anatomi-71, apologia, kuolema, etc.---
 WE MAY FIGHT A BATTLE THAT CAN'T BE WON - comp. CD [boisleve]6.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: x-acto, by all means, personal choice, autocontrol, etc.---
 WELCOME TO HELL - comp. CD [protest]7.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: wolfbrigade, damage deposit, fleas and lice, the dagda, boxed in, riistetyt, murder disco x, submission hold, knifed, etc.---
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