: : :  FEBRUARY 24TH 2019  : : :           

Hey, Here are some news. This year 2019 is probably going to be the craziest since the beginning of the label in 1993. The Amanda Woodward 3xLP discography is at the pressing plant right now and should be available in the next few weeks. For the first time in the label's history, there will be a pre-sale limited version. More about this when it will be ready to ship in a while. Will follow a 7" from None But Equals, the new Chaviré LP, and a serie of discographies: Jasemine 12", Ekkaia 3xLP, Policy of Three 2xLP and Finger Print 2xLP. More projects are on their way, but for now, let's focus on those ones. I'm still very bad with all this communication part of the label, but I'll try to at least publish a few words as projects will come to life. Doing all those discographies doesn't mean the label is dead or that I only care about the past, don't worry. Talk to you later, Up the punks!

           : : :  MAY 9TH 2017  : : :           

Hey, how are things doing?!
Oh well, I'm not gonna bore you with my constant babblings about me not being very efficient with updates (or anything connected with visibiliy on the internet actually)...
I take this opportunity anyway to say that if anyone reading this feels like giving me an helping hand checking the scripts of this very website, well, that could be very great... I learned PHP by myself, which is cool to a certain degree, but to be honest most of my scripts are totally old-school and it is such a pain to update the whole thing because of that (not saying this is the only reason why I'm so slow with everything, but it is definitively not helping). Typically, I would love to be able to make updates in just a few clicks. I would also love to get a nice discography section with a nice player and everything. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you feel like you could help me out (but hey, don't expect to get any crazy money or anything, sorry... )
Oh, and also, I finally decided to open a Bandcamp page in last November. I'm still not totally sure it was a good move, but I have to say that I kind of know how bad I am with visibility on the web, and I guess I needed to try and find some solutions. I'm not talking about competitivity, but just trying to make DIY non-profit punk-hardcore as well as our political ideas, our way to distribute music kind of still visible in the world of today. So yeah, I don't know, about Bandcamp, to me it is just kind of experimental at this point... I really try to think about how it is possible to be visible on the web today. If you ever have any idea on that subject, feel free to let me know...
Well, anyway... Since the last update, the records of Woodwork and Sangre De Muerdago have been out. Two amazing records that I'm very happy with. The Chaviré 12" was also repressed.
The album of the amazing Modern Love has been sent to the pressing plant and should be here in not such a long time. This record is co-produced with Refuse.
Chaviré just have finished the mixing of their first real album, and it also just has been mastered and sent to the pressing plant. It will be available for their upcoming summer European tour.
Next will follow the Jasemine discography 12", and the Amanda Woodward 3xLP discography. The artwork should be finished soon and then we can launch the record.
Will see what will follow then.
Next projects include: Ekkaia 3xLP discography, Undone 2xLP discography, Finger Print 2xLP discography, Submission Hold 2xLP (compilation tracks and b-sides, etc. ), Policy of Three 2xLP discography...
That's already quite a lot, no?
Talk to you soon,
Up the punx

           : : :  MAY 18TH 2016  : : :           

Well, I guess you probably have noticed that updating this website wasn't really like a top priority. To be honest, I tend to actually question the interest of it... but I guess I have to keep some "visibility" for the label, so...
Since the end of 2013, a few things have happened with the label anyway. The Sangre De Muerdago 10" was out in March of 2014, and right after, the Remek's album came out. Then, I helped putting out the LP of Rouille, and last of the records that came out at this time, the Juggling Jugulars' LP came out in April of 2015. The songs were supposed to be out on a split EP with Heyoka, but the Frenchies decided to split up in between and so the Finns re-recorded their songs and went for a solo record.
More recently, two new records came out: the albums of À La Dérive (from Toulouse), and from Chaviré (from Nantes).
Coming next are the LP of Woodwork, that has just been mixed, and the vinyl reissue of the second Sangre De Muerdago's album, « deixademe morrer no bosque ».
And then, there's gonna be a handful of reissues/discographies, no definitive dates here, but some are already on their ways... To list them up, there should be the Ekkaia (3xLP), Amanda Woodward (3xLP), Finger Print (2xLP), Jasemine (LP) and Uundone (2xLP) discographies, and a compilation with EP and compilations tracks for Submissin Hold (2xLP).
Well, I guess this is already quite a lot, no?
I will try to be better with updates, but I guess I shouldn't make any promises here!
Up the punks!

           : : :  NOVEMBER 30TH 2013  : : :           

Hey, some quick news, hoping you're all doing great...
Chicken's Call's second LP came out last month. It is co-produced with the band and a few others labels. Api Uiz's LP is just coming from the pressing plant, and I should get my copies in a few days hopefully.
The next records scheduled are a new EP from Sangre De Muerdago, the dark folk "solo" project from the Ekkaia's ex-singer-guitar player, Pablo, then a split EP with old anarcho-punks from Heyoka and Juggling Jugulars... The finish have already recorded their songs, and I hope that this record will see the light in early 2014.
In the beginning of the year, the Undone's discography 2xLP should also be finally ready. Next will come the Remek's LP...
That's already quite a lot of amazing projects going on! Talk to you later, ok?
Up the punks!

           : : :  SEPTEMBER 17TH 2013  : : :           

A quick update, so you won't believe that the label is dead and gone!
A few releases have seen the light since the last one from 2011: the EP from Exhaustion, out in avril 2012, the split EP Bernays Propaganda / Modern Love, out in march 2013, and the 4th EP of 1981, in may 2013.
This month, "On Largue Les Amarres", the semi-discographic LP of 12XU was released as well. It contains all the songs from their Single serie, their splits EP, and comp. tracks, as well as a few unreleased ones.
At the same time, the posthumous split LP of Asfixia and Annunaki Revenge came out, but I'm still waiting for my own copies. They should be there quite soon.
The LP of Chicken's Call have been recorded, mixed and mastered, and the cover will be screen-printed this week-end. This means that the record should be out very soon, hopefully just in time for their upcoming spanish/portugese tour.
The next record will be the new album of Api Uiz. More about this with the next udpate, ok? Up the punx !

           : : :  DECEMBER 5TH 2011  : : :           

Before this year is over, here are some news...
The Face Up To It! EP is finally out. This records turned out to be the biggest delayed record for the label, as it was initally supposed to come out in 2008 as a LP, got shortened in a EP later in, and finally had to suffer from a rather slow pressing plant.
2012, that year will actually be the 20th anniversary for the label, will see a few projects.
To start off with, there should be a Exhaustion EP, co-produced with Destructure. The record has already been recorded and I guess it should come out in january or february.
Then, there will be a split EP between Macedonia's Bernays Propaganda and the norwegians of Strike A Match. This will be co-produced with the macedonian label Junk Cola.
Both the Chickens Call and Bokanovsky records will came out this coming year as well, but I'll tell you more when I know the details.
Then, to "celebrate" the 20 years of the label, both the Undone and Finger Print discographies will came out in vinyl, as well as a compilation with french bands (12XU, Koëningstein Youth, Abject Object, Gasmask Terror, Geraniüm, Tol Eressëa, Exhaustion, The Sioux, Farewell, Chickens Call, Bokanovsky, etc... ) doing covers of stuff released on the label during those last two decades. This records should be the occasion to celebrate the "more than music" apsect of DIY punk, and it should come out with a big booklet and other things I hope.
All right, that should be enough for today.
Talk to you soon...
Christophe xXx

           : : :  FEBRUARY, 10TH 2011  : : :           

More than 4 years with not the slightest update... I guess it was about time to give some news.
I had planned some kind of detailed explanations of what kind of brought me out of punk during those years, but first, I'm not quite sure it would be so interesting, and second, it would probably postpone this update for another 4 years.
So, for this time, let's keep this short and to the point, and let's stick to some good old news regarding the label. I really do hope I'll have the motivation to write something more later...
So, last time we talked was roughly 2006, with 3 LPs out that year, and not so many projects scheduled...
In 2009, after a few years of delays, the compilation boxset "More Than Music" finally came out, with unreleased songs from Ballast, Abductee SD, Easpa Measa, Juggling Jugulars, The Assassinators, Six Year Plan, La Fraction, No Rest, Signal Lost, Sangre, Schifosi and Criatura. This record was actually scheduled to be out about 2 years before that, and I have to apologize once again to the bands for the delays, as well as thanking them for their incredible patience.
In 2009 as well, a 10" from the belarussian anarcho-punk band I Know came out.
Finally, last year, in 2010, the Ursus LP came out, followed by the Descarados EP.
And here we are in 2011, with a bunch of new projects coming up, and almost what can be viewed as a resurrection for the label.
Basically, here's the schedule for the next few months...
First off, there will be the new Phoenix Foundation LP, that is right now at the pressing plant, and that should be out within the next two weeks if all goes well.
Then, there will be a EP by Face Up To It!. The songs had been recorded a while ago and were supposed to come out as a LP. But they finally decided to mix those songs up recently, and only kept half the songs...
A split EP between Surrender from the U.S. and 1981 from Finland will shortly follow.
And finally, there should be a 7" or something else by Chicken's Call at some point.
So, well... That was some quick news, just to let people know that the label wasn't dead...
Take care,
Christophe xXx

           : : :  DECEMBER, 18th 2006  : : :           

Hello everybody, i hope you're all doing great... I guess you have already noticed that updates are happening here on a very very slow basis. I have to admit that i can't help but asking myself if this website has any purpose at all, and i was kind of thinking about shuting it down...
Anyway, a bunch of things happened here since last update. Four records came out (
Hyacinth, Ballast and La Fraction LP's and the Asfixia 7" (co-produced with a bunch of other labels). Speaking of that Hyacinth LP, i wrote a piece there that seems to piss off a lot of people. I'm about to write another little piece to explain my motivations, and i will post it there, hoping it will help understand my point (i have to admit that the text in itself isn't really an invitation for communication, but it was also part of my intentions... and i'll try to explain why)
The next record will be that 3x7" compilation project dealing with the theme of sexism. I hope it will be ready for late january. And then, i'm going to try and focus on theme records, with big booklets. I have already started to work on volume two of this compilation project. I might call the project "More Than Music" or something like that. This second volume will deal with prisons and the prison system. Bands that have already agreed being part of this project are: Oi Polloi (Scotland), Seein' Red (Holand), I Know (Belarus, ex-Jiheart), Kobaysahi (Germany), Plaine Crasse (France), Witch Hunt (U.S.A.), Protestera (Sweden), Asfixia (Euskadi) et Halo (Uruguay).
Okay, that's all for today… take care,
Communication not consumption,
Christophe xXx

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